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    Ticket Broker Websites and Private Label Websites

    Many Ticket Brokers and Affiliates feel the websites from the Ticket Exchanges offer are good enough. But they aren’t.
    A website is a crucial part of your business. One that you should not leave to a direct competitor to manage and own. Whether you are retail-based or otherwise, your website is critical. It should be within your control.

    All websites are not created equal. If you search for an event within the search engines, which type of website will you find? Will you find any of the Cookie-Cutter websites that the Ticket Exchanges provide? Click through the first page. Do you see one? What about on the 100th page. Do you see one? Regardless of your business model, the search results speak for themselves. Your customers are not going to go 100 pages deep to find your website. What’s more, your website looks identical to thousands of others.

    Since 2005, we have provided the most innovative Ticketing websites in the market. Our support is fanatical. We allow you to take control of your business’s online presence.

    We have Ticket Broker websites, Private Label websites, and Affiliate Ticketing websites for TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor/Logitix. We have three different packages with three different prices. So no matter your business type, size, or budget we have you covered!

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    You pay $3500 one-time upfront and only $195/month!

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    TicketPlatform Terms and Conditions

      • No Refunds
      • 30 days’ notice to cancel your account is required.
        • How do you cancel?
      • Your monthly starts the day you signup unless you have a special offer.
        • Hosting is required through ticketCMS.
        • Your monthly is due every month as long as you have not canceled period unless you cancel. It does not matter if your domain is aimed at the server, if you are using the website, making a profit or any other reason.
      • A reactivation fee is required if you cancel for more than 60 days. The reactivation fee is one-time $950.
      • Setup can take longer than 15-30 minutes depending on DNS change time from your Domain name registrar, how long it takes the Ticket Exchange to provide your API Information and if you wish to wait for that.
        • Discounts and refunds are not offered for delays.
      • Features vary depending on which ticketCMS Package you pick.
      • You can switch your chosen Template Design Option, but there is a cost.
      • All support is handled through our Helpdesk by posting a Ticket.
        • Ticket answer times are based on the SLA you are on. Learn more about ticketCMS Support.
        • For After-Hours Emergency Support, you call our After-Hours support line and leave a Voicemail for our After-Hours support staff to help you.
      • Templates
        • Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, and VividSeats.
        • Premium Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor / Logitix.
      • If you purchase the Lite Version your site will be installed as the Professional Version for a trial period then downgraded after the trial period ends..
      • Discounts and special offers cannot be used past their expiration date.
      • Discounts and special offers cannot be stacked or combined unless specifically noted.
      • Discounts and special offers do not apply to current customers of ATBS, ticketCMS, or TicketPlatform unless specifically noted.
      • These are not all the terms that you agree to when you signup.
        For a complete list of terms
    TicketPlatform Builds websites
    We build all types of websites not just ticketing

    Any type of website.
    We can build anything!

    With more than 16 years of building websites for all markets, we can build anything.
    Need a Shopify website? Need a website for a Law firm? How about a doctor’s office? Looking to sell CDB? We can do it all!

    When we build a website, we use all of our experience and skills to build it to the latest standards and to maximize conversions.

    Over the years, we have worked with Fortune 500s, brand-new startups, and small businesses. We help ambitious businesses like yours build their web presence, generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales. Give us a call anytime directly at (281) 369-5600.

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    Why Chose TicketPlatform?

    We are the best at build websites!

    Lower Cost

    You pay TicketNetwork or another ticket website provider thousands when you can pay us ZERO.

    This includes the website, the hosting, the SSL, the email service for your website and lifetime free updates to the core of your website for the life of the version!

    Build with you in mind

    You are an amazing entrepreneur but not a web developer or tech guy! We build ticketCMS with you in mind. No matter how non-technical you are, you can control your new website!


    You can control almost every part of your website from your new Content Management System (CMS). This includes the colors of your website, the links, banners, text, pages and more!

    Works with all the Ticket Exchanges

    Your new website works completely with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats and AutoProcessor! Switch between Ticket Exchanges anytime with a click of a button!

    No need for tech guys

    From the minute you become a TicketPlatform customer you will never need to hire a tech guy for your website again! It is designed so you, or anyone you want, can control the entire website from the CMS!

    You finally own your website

    Right now the Ticket Exchange owns your website. It might be TicketNetwork or TicketEvolution, but they own it! Sure you own the domain, but that's only half the value! After you get your new TicketPlatform website you own the license to your website and have total control!

    No more surpises

    No more surprise price hikes, product discontinuations or company shutdowns that leave you with no support! We have been in business for 16 years and going strong, even during Covid-19!

    real customer testimonials

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    We are one of the top 20 TND Private Label clients and ticketCMS has helped my business grow. I would recommend ticketCMS to anyone!
    Robert Gavin
    I thought the website that was provided by ticketCMS was "enough" as I don't care about sales from my website, but I was WRONG! Never let the Ticket Exchange who is your direct competitor control your website!
    John Anderson
    I didn't think a new website would help me as I'm a wholesale Ticket Broker, but I was wrong. I let the Ticket Exchange process the sales and I focus on my tickets. No more headache and they send me a check! ticketCMS set it all up for me!
    Chris Vlahopouliotis

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    Finally, control your online presence!

    Don't let the Ticket Exchange control your online presence another day!

    It matters more than you know even if you don't want sales on your website!