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Dedicated In-house Team

All our employees work directly for the company in our offices. No overseas labor or outsourcing. No overseas timezone differences, no language barriers, and no higher cost due to having to pay another team before taking our cut.

We have the best CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP coders in the world! Who has spent decades building websites in many marketing with a specialty in the Secondary Ticketing Market. We also have the best server admins that will work day and night to keep your website up and running at top speed no matter how little or much traffic you put on your website!

A highly motivated dedicated support staff that has been working with Ticketing Professionals for many years. They understand how you think. We have worked with the absolute largest Ticketing Companies and the smallest. We have companies that do millions in sales from their websites and some who do zero. You might sell tickets to specific events, specific categories, states, cities, or packages but we have you covered as we have done it all.

So no matter your website needs, we can help. Call us directly at (281) 369-5600.

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Customer Testimonials

Reviews about our team

I accidently broke my website and didn't know how to fit it. The team at ticketCMS stated late on the PHONE and fixed the issue for me.
John Pitt
Customer of ticketCMS
I was considered to move from my website provided by TicketNetwork, but ticketCMS took amazing care of me and has been for the past 7 years.
Brittney James
Customer of ticketCMS
I do a lot of sales and traffic, during an onsale the traffic was so large it took down my server. The server admins at ticketCMS worked fast and got everything backup and running and put a plan in place to prevent it from ever happening again
Adam Young
Customer of ticketCMS