Email Marketing

Email Marketing that works!

We can help any business in any marketing with their Email Marketing. From importing your Email List into your Email Marketing Provider, writing the perfect Emails to scheduling them. We will come in and handle it all.

We have decades of knowledge and experience in numerous marketing. From companies who do 100m in revenue to less than 1 percent of that.

Call us and we will show you what we can do for you.

Email Marketing

Anyone can take a CSV and click import, but do you have the ability to check your email list for issues, value, and scan it comparing it to 100m+ Email address database and can you work with your Email Marketing Provided to verify the list?

We have a huge verification email database with 100 million plus emails and related data. We will take your list and scan it in and get a report of what is good and not. 

We have worked with the Email Marketing providers so much that we have build a trust. They want to know you didn't buy your list or simply download one from the internet and that you have the right to marketing to those email addresses via email.

Anyone can type a email out, but we do research on your market, your products and what will best get your Email Leads attention, get them to click-through and then convert. 

We will get you such a high click-through-rate that you will think its fake. Not to mention the conversion rates!

When to send the email is a very important question and there is no one size fits all markets and customer type. 

First we will research your market and customer types best time, then over time learn your Email Lead base and what time works the best to get the click-through-rate and conversions you are looking for!

Almost after the first Email we schedule for you, your click-through-rate will be many times what it was before hand. Then we will drill that down to a much higher number and work on the conversion rate at the same time.

Over time we will grow those numbers and make your Email Marketing campaign be one of your main pillars of marketing and revenue for your business. 

Call us now to learn more about our Email Marketing service and grow your business today at (281) 369-5600.

What Customers have said about our Email Marketing....

“I was getting very low Click-Through-Rates and even lower conversions, after using TicketPlatform I have seen amazing results!” – James boycan
“I thought it was impossible to get such high Click-Through-Rates and Conversions form Email Marketing. I only had 40k email addresses, but my god!” – Howie Smith