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Search Engine Optimization

We work with an amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company that has worked with hundreds of companies within the Secondary Ticketing Market and many other hard and very competitive markets. Always showing results and always handling all the work for you. All you have to do is reach out to them and let them work up a game plan for you. Then they do the work that you have requested. They can not guarantee results or they would-be scammers.

You get what you pay for and SEO is not a cheap thing as your not only paying for the labor, but you are also paying for the skills and knowledge that few have.

Let more about them from the below areas of Search Engine Optimization.

The first step is do a complete analysis of your website. The Coding, Content, Link structure, website load speed and more! They will use many tools to do the scanning and including by hand and build a complete report of where your website is now. They will scan every part of your website from top to bottom and then you will get the complete report and recommendations.  


Until your website is Optimized to the latest standards you will never be able to get the SEO results you want. So the first and most important step of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimization your website. There is a lot to think about and do in the Optimization of your website.

Not only the code, but the layout, the image size and more all has to be handled. They will use many tools that Webmasters use to scan every part of the site and get the best score they can. 

After your website is completely Optimized the real work can begin! 

Google, Bing and all Search Engines have a zillion websites that sell what you sell and do what you do, but what separates you from them and makes their indexing bots see more value in your website? After it has been fully Optimized unlike your competitors, CONTENT is KING and not ripped off content or slightly changed content, but originally written, balanced perfectly SEO Content with the perfect amount of keywords, cross links and other items that are needed. 
Never just blatant sales content, REAL content!

After your website has been fully Optimized and the content has been added we need to make sure Google and Bing can index your website correctly and has been alerted to do so. So they will take your XML Sitemap and load it into your Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools account and force them to index your website. 

They will make sure to setup your free Google Analytics and you have access so you will know the work they are doing is starting to change things. This combined with your Google and Bing Webmaster tool accounts with give a very full picture that their SEO work is working. Also where your customers are coming from, the keywords, your rankings and more!

If you pick the package that includes reporting they will also provide Reporting of all this information combined.

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What customers have said....
“I have tried other SEO companies before and got little to no results But this changes my business forever.” – Herbert Bayard Swope
“In such a hard market to SEO, I thought there would be no way of my ranking getting frontpage of Google, but by god they did!” – James Mccoy