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We create original amazing SEO-ed content

Anyone can write up some content about anything. A lot of people think they can simply plagiarize it, take it from Wikipedia and change it to make it their own, or get the facts and paste it into their own content. Worst yet people tend to make it sales talk instead of the right type of content.

We research your market, your products and find the perfect combination of keywords and content ratio. We then have you check over it to make sure its what you want then we post it on your website. 

Content creation is a art form. We are the artist.

Content Creation

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What Customers have said about our Content Creation Service....

“I hired a freelancer from India to write my content and they DESTROYED my SEO. It took time, but now its fixed thanks to ATBS.” – John Envoy
“The content that was created for me was amazing and I’m on the frontpage of a very important keyword now!” – James Crump