Thank you for signing up for TicketPlatform.

Order Complete.. 100%

What you need to do next

This process is as simplistic as it gets.

  1. Pick a Design – You can do this now or anytime you wish. There is no rush.
  2. Tell us which Ticket Exchange your new website will be on.
    1. TicketNetwork
    2. TicketEvolution
    3. VividSeats
    4. Logitix
  3. Switch your arecord on your domain name or give us temporary access to your domain name registrar and we’ll do it for you.

That’s it…. its that easy. That’s all you have to do.

What to expect from us

  1. We will contact the Ticket Exchange you have chosen cc’ing you to get your API connection Information
  2. We will grab your logo, about us and as much as we can under our terms of service and move it to your new site for you. The rest will be done by you easily through the admin panel (CMS).
  3. An email is sent to you letting you know that the website is done, installed, and customized as far as we will do it with login information to your new admin panel (CMS).

Call us directly at (281) 369-5600 for help if you have any questions.

Take a moment to read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and after your site is live if you need help you will use our Helpdesk.

Important Things to consider and know

  1. Ongoing support can be found at our Helpdesk.
  2. Prevent DCMA violations and demand letters for payment for using copyrighted images and use our Image service. All images are completely protected and safe for use! 
  3.  Think about getting a cheap new logo built by hundreds of professionals at Hatchwise. Hatchwise is a reverse auction website where you set a price and dozens of logo designers will create a mockup for you and you pick the one that wins. $100-300 is the perfect amount! If you want ATBS to create you a logo, it will cost $750 and we will make 3 mockups and work with you one on one!
  4. Get assurance seals, cheap but powerful conversion tools that show customers and the search engines your website is safe!
    1. TrustGuard – Highly recommended! drives up customer conversions!
    2. ShopperApproved – Used by the largest sellers in every market and cheap!
  5.  Get a Marketing company. OneBoxConsulting is the absolute best Marketing company we have ever seen in our 19 years. They can help you with it all, socvial media, SEO, SMM, email marketing and more!